Insurance Management

Our consultants' expertise and experience in the field of company management stem not only from their unequaled credentials but also from their broad experience with many international and national corporations.

We have formed and managed a variety of companies on behalf of large conglomerates, including an international resorts operator and a worldwide industrial giant. We have also advised and assisted in the management of many other smaller organizations and now manage some very influential captive insurance companies and risk-retention groups.

Because of our skill and experience in managing insurance companies, we have also assisted businesses in other nontraditional venues. We are often asked to evaluate candidates for acquisition or merger as well as prospective buyers.

We provide day-to-day operations that meet with all regulatory requirements and also take care of all financial and accounting procedures in order to comply with statutory regulations. As an experienced company manager, we also provide extensive risk management advice, which helps clients to reduce exposures and maintain the integrity of their programs.